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MICKLE-OVER, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, and in the deanery of Derby, lies about three miles from Derby. This parish comprises the chapelries of Finderne and Little-Over.
The manor of Mickle-Over was given, with Finderne, Little-Over, and Potlac, by William the Conqueror to Burton-Abbey. (fn. 42) King Henry VIII. granted them to Sir William Paget. Thomas Lord Paget sold these manors (fn. 43) to Sir Thomas Gresham. Having been settled by Sir Thomas on Lady Gresham, they devolved to Sir William Reade, her son by a second husband. Sir William had a daughter and heir, married to Sir Michael Stanhope, who had three daughters, coheirs. Bridget, Countess of Desmond, one of the coheiresses, being possessed of two shares of these manors, (one of which had been purchased, in 1640, of Lady Berkeley, another of the coheiresses,) sold them, in 1648, to Edward Wilmot, Esq.; of whose descendant, Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart., of Chaddesden, they were purchased, in 1801, by the late Edward Sacheverell Chandos Pole, Esq.; whose son, of the same name, is the present proprietor. Mr. Pole has a manor or farm in this parish also, called Rough-Heanor. The remaining third of these manors was sold, in 1648, by the heiress (fn. 44) of Sir William Withepol, who married the elder of Sir William Reade's grand—daughters, to Sir John Curzon. It is now the property of John Leaper Newton, Esq. In consequence of a division of the manors, Mr. Newton has Mickle-Over, and Mr. Pole Little-Over and Finderne.
The manor-house of Mickle-Over was sold by Sir Thomas Gresham to William Gilbert, Esq., a younger son of the Lockoe family, whose heiress brought it to Robert Newton, Esq. Mr. Newton died in 1619; his descendant and namesake, the last heir male of the family, who died in 1789, bequeathed this mansion, with the third of the manor which he had acquired by purchase, to Mr. John Leaper, of Derby, now John Leaper Newton, Esq., who was sheriff of the county in 1798. The house is occupied by the tenant of the farm.
The church of Mickle-Over, with the chapels of Little-Over, Finderne, and Potlac, were given to the abbey of Burton-on-Trent, by William the Conqueror, and became appropriated to that monastery. Mr. Pole and Lord Scarsdale are impropriators and patrons of the vicarage; Mr. Pole having two thirds of the impropriation, and two turns out of three in the presentation. The vicarage is endowed with a third part of the great tithes.
John Alsop, in 1765, founded a school at Mickle-Over, for children of this village and Finderne, and endowed it with lands, now let at about 6ol. per annum. John Erpe gave il. per annum for teaching children. The late Robert Newton, Esq., who died in 1789, gave the sum of 200l. for the endowment of a school at Mickle-Over. A school-house has been built by the contributions of the vicar and principal inhabitants.
The parochial chapel of Finderne is about two miles and a half from Mickle-Over, and about five from Derby. Finderne was the seat of a very ancient family, who held a capital messuage and lands by a chief-rent under the Abbot of Burton. Thomas Finderne, the last of the family, died seised of this estate in 1558; when it passed to his sister and heir, who married Richard Harpur, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, immediate ancestor of Sir Henry Crewe, Bart., the present proprietor.
In the parochial chapel is an ancient monument, most probably for one of the Finderne family; and memorials for Samuel Doughty, M.D., 1765, Snowdon White, M.D., 1791; &c.
The Register at Finderne records a remarkable circumstance of a husband and wife, John and Sarah Woollet, who lived together upwards of sixty years and were buried in one grave on the 14th of January, 1747 ; he being in the 92d, and she in the 93d year of her age.
The Unitarians and Wesleyan Methodists have meeting—houses at Finderne. At this place was a celebrated dissenting academy, over which the learned Dr. Ebenezer Latham (buried at Finderne in 1754) presided for many years. This academy seems to have originated in a grammar—school, set up in 1693, by Mr. Benjamin Robinson, a native of Derby, and author of some controversial tracts, sermons (fn. 45) , &c. Among Dr. Latham's pupils were, Ferdinando Warner, author of a History of Ireland, and other works, who conformed to the church of England, and became Rector of Barnes, in Surrey; John Taylor, author of a Paraphrase on St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, the Hebrew Concordance, &c.; William Turner, minister of Wakefield, and John Ward, minister of the congregation in Maid-lane, London, both writers of some note in their day.
The parochial chapel of Little-Over is about two miles from Mickle-Over, and about the same distance from Derby. In the chapel is the monument of Sir Richard Harpur, who died in 1635.
A good old mansion at Little-Over was the seat of a branch of the Harpur family; the last of which, John Harpur, Esq., died in 1754. It is now the property and residence of Bache Heathcote, Esq., whose father, Samuel Heathcote, Esq., married the sister of John Harpur, Esq., above mentioned.
Two parts of the manor of Potlac or Potlock, which by the description seem to have been on the Repton side of the river, belonged to Repton Priory, to which they were conveyed in the reign of Edward III., by Henry de Bakewell, and others. That part of the manor of Potlock which is on the north side of the Trent was held under the abbot and convent of Burton by the Findernes, who afterwards became possessed of the fee of it. On this estate, which is now, by inheritance from the Findernes, the property of Sir Henry Crewe, Bart., was an ancient mansion, and the chapel mentioned below. The part of the manor of Potlock which lies on the south side of the Trent has passed with the priory estate, and is now the property of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart.
The ancient chapel at Potlock, within the parish of Finderne, was dedicated to St. Leonard. To the support of this chapel, of which there are now no remains, John de Toke or Touke (whose family resided at Potlock for several generations) gave 14 acres of meadow, and 6os. rent, in 1327.

From: 'Parishes: Newton-Solney - Mickleover', Magna Britannia: volume 5: Derbyshire (1817), pp. 217-228.
URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=50733  Date accessed: 05 February 2011.

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